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Monday, May 7, 2012

Jessica Bliss is This! Bridal Collection Review

Today, I have for you Jessica's 2012 Bridal Collection for review.  This collection consists of three polishes that, per Jessica's press release, are designed to complement the Big Day.  

Desire - is a dusty, medium-toned, red creme.  2 coats.  I think this would be the perfect red for someone, like a bride, that wanted to wear a red polish and yet didn't feel entirely comfortable with fire engine/tomato/hooker red on her fingertips.  My mom, who only wears neutrals, would love this color.   Also, I found it to be really flattering with my skin tone.  I did have a little issue with the formula as it was a little stringy, but it was easy enough to control.  I did have to be careful not to apply the coats too thick, as that made the stringing worse.  2 coats.

Flirtation - light, tea rose pink creme.  No, this color isn't unique, but it's still really pretty.  I love this one.  Love.  There is just something about it that is so light and girly.  Flirtation is the perfect name for this polish.  I can totally see this as a wedding day color.  For me, this one had the best formula in the collection.  It flowed on the nail very nicely and I was able to reach opacity in 2 coats, which is something I love in a light pink.

Love Story - light, yellow-based peach creme with a jelly-ish finish.  Love Story is my least favorite of this collection, simply because the yellow in the base of this polish didn't work with my skin tone.  Although, if you have darker skin or olive-toned skin I think this one would look beautiful.  The formula was the thinnest of the collection and it took me 3 coats to reach opacity.  

Now, I realize that these colors are not incredibly original.  But, normally, when you think of a bridal collection, you think of pale white-pink cremes or French manicure shades, so I like that this collection is a little outside of the box in that regard.  Also, these appear to be dupes of Chanel's Spring 2012 colors, April, May, and June.  I know sometimes dupes get a bad-rap, but I frankly love it when someone dupes a $26 Chanel.  :P  Plus, aside from Love Story not working with my skintone, they are all super pretty, and sometimes, being "just pretty" is good.  :)

Jessica polishes are available at Jessica Cosmetics' website.  However, I just checked and they aren't currently available.  The press release states they will be available starting April 2012, so they should be available soon.  

Jessica Bliss is This! collection was sent to me for review.  The above link is not an affiliate link.


AmyGrace said...

Flirtation looks really lovely! ♥

chichicho said...

I second that!!!!!!!!1
it is such a nice color

Gosia said...

Now, I usually don't do the Bridal collections, but I really dig the red one!!! Awesome name too!

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