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Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoya Layla

As I've mentioned on this blog several times, Zoya Charisma, is probably my favorite Zoya polish, and easily in my top 10 polishes of all time.  It's perfect.  I love everything about it. In fact, as soon as I got Charisma a few years ago, I immediate searched on their website for colors with similar application, color, and finish to add to my collection.  That's when I discovered that Zoya had a pink polish that was very close, in every way but color, to Charisma.  That color was Zoya Layla.  I immediately added her to my wishlist, for some reason but I kept picking other polishes whenever Zoya would offer a sale.  I guess I kept thinking "it's only a pink".  Finally, I picked it up during the most recent BOGO sale.  Unfortunately, shortly after I added her to my stash, she grew legs and walked away (LOL).  I finally found her during my recent reorganization, and given my recent attraction to bright pinks, I couldn't wait to get her on my nails...

This is 2 coats of Layla with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat.

Zoya's website describes Layla as "an ultra-bright hot magenta pink creme".  However, in my opinion, while it is "hot pink", it's definitely not magenta.  On me, it's most-certainly hot pink, but I also see a touch of coral.  I kept wondering if the light inside my house was playing tricks on me, so I purposefully waited to write this post until I had worn this polish in several locations, but no matter the lighting, I still see a hint of coral.  In bright light, such as at my gym, it's a little less coral, but it's still there.

I love, love, love this one.  In fact, last night while I was working out, I kept getting distracted by my pretty pink nails.  Also, if you are liking the look of the newly released neons that are hitting the market, but a little scared of wearing high-lighter pink on your nails, Layla is a good choice.  

The formula is good and I had no issues with application.  I still had thin spots at 2 coats, so on most of my nails, I added a third.  Additionally, like Charisma, Layla is almost a neon, and it does dry a bit satiny, so you will need to add a topcoat to make it shiny.  

Honestly, I love everything about this polish.  The only downside is that I now cannot get "Layla" by Eric Clapton out of my head.  :P

Zoya Layla is available at Zoya.com and Zoya's retail for $8 per bottle.  Be sure to follow them on FB and Twitter, however, as they are always running promotions.  You can also join their "Share the Love" program to earn points for free polishes, products, and dollars-off coupons.

Zoya Layla was purchased by me.  The above link is an affiliate link and is linked to my Share the Love account.  If you purchase/make an account using my link, I will receive points.  If you prefer not to use my affiliate link, please use the link below:


Katie Simpson said...

Such a pretty colour, i love pink polishes :)

Unknown said...

A great color!!
I love it!

Nail Dazzler Nails said...

Very nice pinky red :)

Liesl said...

I would not consider anything Clapton stuck in your head a downside. ;) Well, maybe a couple songs. This looks so gorgeous. And, yet another goes on my growing list o' Zoyas I must have. Thanks man. ;)

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