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Friday, June 8, 2012

Dermelect "ME" Color Nail Treatments

As I have said before on this blog, I am a HUGE fan of Dermelect products.  I pretty much credit their Launchpad basecoat and Makeover ridgefiller with saving my natural nails when I stopped using glue-ons in late 2009, and their Rejuvenail nail and cuticle treatment is my go-to cuticle cream in colder, cuticle-abusing weather.  Basically, I love them.  <3  

So, a few months ago, when I saw that they were coming out with a line of peptide-infused nail polishes, I was beyond excited.  I'd been seeing pics here and there on their Facebook page, so I patiently waited for their press release to hit my in-box.  Once it did, I absolutely loved their color range and the benefits these polishes provided.

Described as being the CURE in your Mani, the Dermelect "ME" Color Nail Treatments are the first peptide-infused color treatments for fragile, weak nails.  I think their release describes these polishes incredibly well, better than I could, so I am going to include that information in this post...

Aptly named ME, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals formulated and designed a 2-in-1 range of bright, beautiful crème shades coupled with a remarkable manicure extending formula. Infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool, the lacquers deliver a fast drying, high gloss shine while providing an unequaled level of strength for stubborn nails to grow longer and more resistant to chipping, peeling and splitting.

The first coat instantly bonds to the nail, while the second fuses with the base coat to create a flexible web of color that resists chipping and improves brittleness (patent-pending technology). The ME colors combine fast drying, high shine, and a healthy ‘green’ dose of vitamins, peptides, and moisture, offering a colorful solution to the contemporary woman’s beauty concern—aging hands and nails. For best results, two coats are recommended.

The color range on this collection is as follows (descriptions from Dermelect):
  • Persuasive (luscious peach)                                        
  • Provocative (fabulously fresh fuchsia)                      
  • Above It (breathtaking sky blue)                                 
  • Head Turner (brilliant orange crème)                        
  • Luxurious (rich, confident lilac)                                     
  • Power Trip (burst of red w/pink undertone)           
Here's a PR picture showing the entire line-up...

Along with the release, I was also sent three colors from the collection to review.  I was sent the bright fuchsia, the sky blue, and the bright orange.  Here's a bottle picture of the three I received...

I loved these three colors, based on the press release and in person, they did not disappoint...

Above It - sky blue creme.  This color is practically serenity in a nail polish bottle.  It is a gorgeous, mid-toned, light blue.  In the bottle, I thought it would be more in the periwinkle family, but any purple that I saw in the bottle didn't really translate to the nail.  Nonetheless, it's still a gorgeous blue.  This one had the thinnest formula, and it was the streakiest at one coat.  However, it evened out nicely and reached opacity in 3 coats.

Head Turner - highly-pigmented, tangerine orange creme.  Oranges, along with yellows, have become my latest obsession, and there is something about this one that is incredibly appealing.  It looks like you could practically pluck it from a citrus tree.  This one looked very nice with my pale, pink-based skin.  All of these had a fantastic formula, but this one was probably the easiest to apply.  I did apply 3 coats, though, as I had a couple of thin spots at the second coat.

Provocative - bright fuchsia creme.  Given my recent love of bold, summery pinks, I, of course, gravitated towards Provocative.  This is a gorgeous bold pink, that leans, ever-so-slightly, purple.  If you are intrigued by the crop of new summer neons, but are a little scared to wear a retina-searing pink on your nails, like Zoya Layla that I showed you a few weeks ago, Dermelect "ME" Provocative is a perfect solution.  The formula on this one was very similar to Head Turner.  I still had thin spots at 2 coats, so I opted for three.

I was excited for these polishes based on early buzz and the release, but once I have had the opportunity to try them, they surpassed my expectations.  I touched on this in the individual color reviews above, but the formula on these was amazing.  It practically flowed on my nail and I would say it would be up there with Rescue Beauty Lounge, BB Couture, and Illamasqua in terms of formula, those being three of the brands with the best formula in my collection.  I had no issues with it running, or flooding my cuticle, and each one, even Above It with the thinnest formula, self-leveled extremely well.  Additionally, even though I did three coats of each of these in my photos, these polishes did not feel thick or goopy.

Also, I know it may seem a bit silly to mention this, but loved the bottle on these.  It is very similar to a Rescue Beauty Lounge bottle, though the shape of the bottle is more rounded in the front and the back.  It's perfect to hold for swatch pictures.  :)  Also, I really like the logo on the front of the bottle.   I know what matters is what's inside, and that's all good stuff, in my opinion, but I'm a sucker for good packaging and branding and these have both.  

I guess it's no surprise when I say that I am a huge fan of this new line.  I love the color-range for a first offering, and I am so excited that Dermelect has brought their nail care line, into the world of nail polish.  Currently, these polishes are available at Dermelect's website and at C.O. Bigelow in New York City and they retail for $14 a bottle.

These polishes were sent to me for review.  The above links link to Dermelect's Facebook page, as well as the Dermelect's website and are not affiliate links.  The picture of the full collection was provided to me by Dermelect's PR.


Harper Valley said...

Wow, what an exciting line! I have major nail problems lately, and would love to order some. Do you think it's necessary to use a base coat on these? Sounds like maybe not since the polish has so much technology. I usually have a three coat base routine... NailTek, Gelous, then Orly Bonder.

A Polish Problem said...

Hi Lisa,
If you are having issues with your nails, right now, I HIGHLY recommend trying Dermelect. All of their products, and not just the polishes, and very healing and protective.
In reading the release, it appears that you don't need a basecoat with these. I normally don't wear one , unless I know something will have a hard time adhering to my or if it will stain, so I didn't apply one. However, the polish went on really smooth. In fact, because of the peptides and all the good stuff in these polishes, I'm assuming that a basecoat would kind of detract from that. Although, you probably could use Dermelect's Launchpad basecoat with them. It's a fantastic basecoat and I use it whenever my nails are weak and being bothersome.

Harper Valley said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for the advice. I will definitely check these out. Maybe I won't feel guilty buying these like I normally do. LOL

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