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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger

So normally, I try to avoid posting swatches of polishes that are extremely hard-to-find.  I know that personally, I hate perusing blogs and seeing a polish I love and then finding out it's long-discontinued or a super rare limited-edition.  I like to be able to go and purchase something once the lemming fire has been lit.

Probably like most of you, my most recent lemmings have been for indie brands, despite my claim that I've given up on indies.  LOL.  My general rule on posting indies is that if I have the indie polish, I will post a picture of it, provided that at some point, it will be restocked.

However, I had to make an exception for this baby.  Isn't she gorgeous?

This is one coat of Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger over 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather.

You may remember that my entry to last year's Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection contest was an oilslick polish.  I based the entry on a picture that I took the day after Christmas, right after we had our first-in-a-million-years white Christmas.  

An oilslick polish has been my dream for years and I was inspired by the picture.  I wasn't even planning on entering the contest and then I saw that gorgeous swirly rainbow in the middle of a dirty gas station parking lot, and I couldn't help myself.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Ji Baek didn't feel the same as I did and my idea wasn't selected as one of the finalists.  Boo.  

After my submission was rejected, I tried to find a polish that hits all of my check boxes when it comes to my dream "oilslick".  Some have come close, but so far, I had not found a polish that has the same feeling as my inspiration picture.  In fact, I pretty much decided that it was an urban legend.. a mythical being, and given up.

Then I saw Toxic Avenger on Krystal's blog a few months ago.  Yes, it's a holographic polish, but it's so much more.  There is also a duochrome shift to it, which unfortunately, I didn't capture in my pictures, but it shifts from pink to green.  And because of the spectraflair pigment, I think this one would look holographic in a cave.  :P 

I did think that it was too light to be my perfect oilslick polish, but a base of dark grey fixed that.  I opted to layer it over my new favorite grey creme, Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather.  Also, because I have a mini bottle (and this stuff is like liquid gold, IMO), I will probably continue to layer it when I wear it.

Unfortunately, it was a limited edition polish and I didn't know if Dollish Polish was going to ever restock it.  Then, I saw it listed as the "mystery polish" when Dolly re-opened her store last week.  I added it to my cart quick as a bunny, and I am so, so, so happy I did.  I think I could stare at my nails for a week and not get bored.  

As I mentioned, Toxic Avenger is a LE polish, and while Dolly is continually restocking her store on a relatively frequent basis, I'm not sure if Toxic Avenger will be making a come-back.  I hate showing you a polish that requires you to make deals with Rumpelstiltskin to acquire, but I just couldn't help it.  Please forgive me for any lemmings this may have created.

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger was purchased by me.  The above links link to a post on this blog and Polish Galore and are not affiliate links. 


Anonymous said...

This is super pretty!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Swoon, swoon, swoooon. I own this and it is my favorite polish, EVER. That is how much I love it. And I got it as a RAOK, how sweet is that?

TV Screens, Streams and Idol Dreams said...

Wow, this is beautiful! xoxoxo

PassionForPolish said...

OMG that is one stunning polish!

Denise Gutierrez said...

wowza!!!! so amazing those sparkles are!!!

Liesl said...

**guilty of posting something currently unavailable**
This is gorgeous, and I LOVE your second shot. I'm still holding out for Material Girl. :)

Unknown said...

That polish is beautiful...Your article was great. Check out my page...for great nails without polish!

Unknown said...

I love doltish they are hard to come by. I hate to say it bit I really did not like the last line. Sad that we lost NerdLacquer now we might lose Lynderella. I' gonna need to follow doltish tweets because I need to get me some of that polish.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Oooooh, so gorgeous!!! Wish it was more readily available!

PolishGalore said...

oh hai. <3 I still love your oil slick inspiration.

Alja and Eva said...

this nail polish is just stunning...i've been looking something like this forever :) sooo jelous ;) you have a great blog, hope you stop by my blog and write a comment about my manicure and maybe follow ;) have a great day dear!x following you...

Alja and Eva said...

this nail polish is just stunning! i've been looking for something like this forever now :) you have a great blog and I would be happy if u stop by my blog and write a comment on my manicure and maybe follow ;) have a great day dear! fllowing you now xx

Cat Ray said...

This is very pretty-- too bad it's apparently LE! I'm wondering-- have you looked at Lex Cosmetics Seashell? (http://www.lexcosmetics.com/stories.php#seashell). It's a grey/black/brown scattered holo, and might have that oilslick quality you're looking for.

Unknown said...

Good blog. Your nail polish color is too cute. Thanks for sharing information.

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