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Friday, September 21, 2012

Zoya Blyss

Happy Friday everyone!  I am so glad that the kiddies have an inservice day today.  Getting up at 6a every morning has been killing me.  I'm such a night owl, that I don't fall asleep until 2a or later, so those early mornings have been a little rough.  I'm not sure how I'll handle it if I ever get a real job again where I have to get up regularly in the morning and then stay awake the rest of the day.  LOL.

Anyway, today, I have for you one of the my purchases from Zoya's most recent BOGO deal.  Each time they run one of those, I tell myself that I don't need any more Zoyas and yet, I keep finding myself purchasing more.  What can I saw, I'm a sucker for both a sale and for Zoya polishes.  In my last order I ordered 8 polishes and all of them were either a purple or a creamy pink/coral.  Today, I have one of the purples, Zoya Blyss...

Zoya Blyss is a bright magenta purple with a slight frosty-metallic finish.  Zoya states that Blyss has a strong blue duochrome, but honestly, I didn't see it.  I saw the potential for a blue flash, but it didn't really happen, in my experience.  Blyss was much like Zoya Hayden (one of my biggest Zoya disappointments) in this regard.  Also like Hayden, the formula seemed very watery at first.  It took me 3 coats to reach total opacity, and even then I felt like I was wanting the color to be richer and stronger.  I still liked it, I just wish it was a little more pigmented.  

Though the formula was thin.  I had no issues with application.  It flowed nicely on the nail and I had no issues with it flooding the cuticle, which is something that often happens to me with a polish is on the watery side. 

Blyss is available from Zoya.com and Zoya polishes retain for $8 a bottle.  That said, be sure to friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as they are always offering promotions.  

Blyss was purchased my me.


Gosia said...

I also find that I pick up Zoyas that I don't really *need* with these promotions!! I can see a little blueish shimmer in Blyss but definitely not a duochrome... It's still gorgeous though!!

Lusty For Lacquer said...

It's a pretty color. It reminds me of OPI Pompeii Purple.

LuckySweetChild said...

Hi, dear..find you and very happy too see good photo & great stylish ideas in your blog!!!
I be happy more if u be "my sweet reader")
I promise following 4 u back!!!

xoxo Lucky


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