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Hi. My name is Megan. In my everyday life, I'm a SAHM to 6 yr old, b/g twins, Blake and Amelia.  In addition to be completely addicted to nail polish, I'm also addicted to about 15 other things.  Among them, being, Vera Bradley bags, cookbooks, perfume, and Yankee Candle candles.  My husband loves this, I'm sure.  :P  I also love to cross-stitch. If you'd like to view my blogger profile, click here
When I started this blog, more than 2 years ago, it was mainly a way to chronicle my growing obsession with nail polish. I was finding myself adding more and more bottles of nail polish to my collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to start this blog for when I found myself in the loony bin.  Little did I know that it's time consuming and will eat up all your money and spare space.  :P  In fact, the name of this blog came from my husband always telling, after I'd haul more polish, that I "had a polish problem". Now at over 500 polishes, the real problem is finding a place to stash them all (and hide it from people that would deem me insane). LOL.

At the time I started the blog, I wore acrylics. I'd always loved the look of long nails, but I simply can't grow them, so like a lot of people, I resorted to artificials. A few weeks after I started the blog, I had a horrible fill-in experience. I ended up getting an infection and having to completely remove my acrylics. What was left was a disaster. My nails had split and peeled off. Some of my nail beds had very little nail left on them, and what was there was horribly damaged. My problem was a combination of an allergic reaction to the products they used at the salon, as well as shoddy application. For a few weeks, I tried to tough it out. I had no clue about protective and healing nail products, so I simply went with something I'd seen on QVC, ProStrong. It was expensive and didn't work for my nails, so I ended up resorting to glue-ons.

At first, the plan was to simply use the glue-ons as a way to hide and protect my natural nails. I naively thought that I could cover my natural nails with the glue-ons and they would still be able to grow underneath. Unfortunately, the continual cycle of applying and removing glue-ons caused more damage than good to my nails, and by the end of my 8 month span using glue-ons, my nails were in the same condition, if not worse, that they were when I first removed my acrylics. I had thought about removing the glue-ons and trying to repair my natural nails, but I had no idea where to start.

Then came in Dermelect. Fortunately, at the exact moment I was really considering removing my glue-ons, I got an email from their PR company offering to send me their products to try and review. I honestly thought that I'd use them for a week or two and then go back to the glue-ons. I had very little faith in being able to rebuild my natural nails. However, after seeing progress after just the first week, I became committed to the process. It took several months, but slowly, my nails recovered.

Thankfully, I was able to recover from the damage, but that didn't mean that I had the long, gorgeous nails I'd so desired. I'd grow them out to a certain length, and then I'd have a break and have to start at the beginning. It was extremely frustrating, and I actually considered going back to articial nails. Then I realized that my nails didn't need to be long and gorgeous to be beautiful. As long as they were well-kept and nicely polished, they would look great at any length. So, I started intentionally keeping my nails short. Occasionally, I will let them grow out as long as they can, but then I either have a break or simply get sick of them. Then happily cut them back and wear them as shorties.

I believe that having short nails shouldn't stop me from wearing any color on my nails. I will put any color on shorties, as use all sorts of nail art products, though, admittedly, French manicures don't look so hot on my short nails.  :P I know that many bloggers have long nails, and I remember looking at the pictures, while I was dealing with nail recovery and feeling so inferior. My hope is that by showing that short nails can look beautiful and that you can do anything with them that you can do with long nails, that one person will realize they don't have to resort to glue-ons.

I know sometimes my pictures aren't the best and sometimes my cuticles are jacked up (though I do try to keep both in check).  Above all else, I think nail polish and blogging should be FUN!  I mean... come on... we collect pretty bottles of paint.  How can that be dramatic?  I sometimes feel that nail blogging has become a competive sport or perhaps a soap opera.  I have no problem with bloggers receiving press samples (I do, and I really enjoy reviewing collections).  My biggest issue is with greedy bloggers or as my nana would say... bloggers that have gotten too big for their own britches.  I think in the nail polish world, and in the world in general, humility and intergrity are the 2 biggest attributes a person can have.  In other words, sometimes, I think we... on the whole... take polish a bit too seriously.  If you see me doing that... smack me.  :P

Also, you will occasionally see me tweet, or re-tweet information on autism.  You will also see an autism awareness ribbon on my left-hand sidebar.  This is because I have 2 amazing, au-some people in my life, my son, Blake, and my oldest nephew, Matthew, who has Asperger's.  My son was just diagnosed with autism last year, so I am kind of a newb when comes to being a parent of an autistic child, but it's something you catch on quick.  LOL.

I love to talk "shop" or gab about anything in general.  I also host a Blogger Round-Up about 2 times a month.  In these round-ups, I list new and new-to-me blogs to help other bloggers gain followers and readers. If you would like to be in my next round up, please fill out the form found in the Blogger Round Up page.  I can be reached at apolishproblem@gmail.com or on Twitter (my username is apolishproblem). 

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Autism Awareness
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