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Updated 7/15/2012 - I have once again gotten behind on Blogger Roundups.  This is mainly due to my children being out of school and not having a ton of extra time to work on the blog.  School will be back in session in a month.  I plan on restarting the roundups at that time.  If you have emailed me/commented in my last round up post, please note that I will list your blog in my next round up.

Twice a month, I post "Blogger Round Ups".  I do my hardest to post them on Fridays, though sometimes, they may be on another day.

Basically, the Blogger Round Ups are a way to share blogger-love.  In the 3 years that I have been doing this, it seems like nail polish blogs went from a few, to several, to many, to a bazillion and while there is nothing wrong with that (I'm happy to see people discover and share this obsession hobby), sometimes, it's hard to find new blogs when there are so many.  It can be very overwhelming.  In fact, I know there are probably MANY awesome blogs out there that I am simply not aware of, and thus don't follow.

I also remember how hard it was as a new blogger, and while I definitely think that Rome wasn't built in a day and you shouldn't try to be one of the main nail/beauty blogs right out of the gate, it's also important that you feel that someone is reading your words.  Otherwise, you are just talking to yourself.  :P  I remember when I got my first follower, I about died.  Slowly, one became two and two became three, but it took me almost a year to get 100 people following my blog.  Now, at a little over 3 years, I have over 1300 followers, and I am so thankful for each one of you that takes the time to read my little blog.

That's why I started Blogger Round-Ups... as a way for me to promote new blogs, or blogs that are new-to-me.  You don't need to be a newbie blogger to be in the Round-Up, you simply need to be a nail polish/beauty blogger and not be a spammer.  That's it.  When I include you in my Round-Up, I will also follow your blog (using Google Friend Connect, so if you aren't a Blogger blog, I won't be able to follow you).  

To be featured on my Blogger Round Up, please respond in the latest Blogger Round Up post.  You can locate that post by clicking here.  You can also email me at roundup@apolishproblem.com.  This is a new email address that I created specifically for the Blogger Round Up requests.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to including you in my next round up.

Also, as always, please feel free to post your blog URL in your comments.  All I ask is that you aren't a spammer and that your comment is relevant to the post in which you are replying.  Please don't reply to simply put your URL in my comments.  If you'd like me to add you to follow you, please ask to be included in the Round-Up.

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