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All pictures can be clicked on to view full size. Fair warning, however, I can not always guarantee that my cuticles or hands are macro-worthy, so enlarge at your own risk. LOL. :P

I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-W310 for all my macro pictures. As I am really only able to swatch at night, all my pictures are inside with artificial light, usually a desk lamp. If there is a polish that you would like to see outside in natural light, please let me know, as I'm more than happy to do it. :) 

As you may notice, I have started watermarking my pictures.  This is more for awareness more than anything, as I am still of the mindset that if I'm putting it on the internet, it's kind of fair game. In a perfect world, I would hope no one would steal my pictures, and if you use my pictures, I ask that you please credit me but I'm fully aware that may or may not happen.  If you are a PR company or a polish manufacturer and I have reviewed your products, please email me if you would like a copy of one of my pictures without the watermark.

While pictures are one thing, my words are something else. Please don't steal my content. If you are a company and I reviewed one of your products, you are more than welcome to use my post in your materials. Additonally, If you would like to quote me, or use my words for another legitimate purpose, please contact me.

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You can reach me at megan@apolishproblem.com.



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Autism Awareness
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